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Custom Metal Work

About the only part NOT custom in this piece is the Co2 tube supplied in the form of a Crosman 2250.

Front to back - the list of custom work is as follows: Fluted aluminum barrel shroud. Polished brass barrel band. Polished brass barrel support indexed into a billet aluminum breech. The breech features a textured finish that gives the impression of being engraved, or etched. Brass pellet port loading tray. Brass bolt and probe. Polished brass rear breech plug. A length adjustable tubular butt stock mounted to the rear of the gas tube as well as the Rainbow Camo Laminate wood work finish the piece off.

A bit more subtle, but just as custom...

Anyone that knows the Falcon line will recognize the action as an FN series. What may not jump right out at you is the breech assembly is a one off custom piece. Designed and built to allow for the use of a full length barrel shroud.

Milled from a block of solid steel, polished and blued, the breech features a polished brass loading tray, brass bolt probe, brass bolt handle, knurled brass cocking knob (that is almost twice the diameter as the original factory number), polished brass screws and it supports a polished brass insert on the blued steel barrel shroud. 

The brass action mounting band just forward of the breech is also an in house piece.

QB78 Breech and bolt assembly.

Breech is carved from billet  aluminum, and features a
textured finish. Brass bolt, and probe assembly. Brass rear breech and action plugs, brass action mounting nut.
Barrel is double set screwed and O-ring sealed in the breech for a solid mount.

Brass indexing plug backs up the fully shrouded barrel.
The action sports a one off custom valve body. Because I never really cared for the forward cocking motion, the internals were all replaced so the action now cocks on the pull back of the bolt.


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